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controlab - Rapid Prototyping Environment
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Controlab is a core technology that automatically generates Sun Java Real-Time System (JRTS) bytecode from Simulink® diagrams and enables fast implementation into fully running field applications. Simulink® is a standardized tool used throughout various industries such as Robotics & Automation, Automotive & Aerospace, and many more…wherever feedback control is implemented.

Controlab is a powerful tool for reducing development time by automatically generating control systems code from Simulink® in just one mouse click rather than writing, debugging, and tuning this specialized mathematically complex code by hand. Controlab reuses the customer’s current software tools and already well-developed standardized graphical controls diagrams in order to immediately generate deployable JRTS bytecode, thus making the transition to JRTS simple, fast and seamless - a major hurdle in widespread corporate and government adpotion. Controlab also features true multi-rate (different sections of the control code running at different speeds) and true multi-threaded (independantly running execution threads) control systems code - both attractive features for the control engineers within these target organizations.

Controlab’s flexible design and execution environment is based upon Quanser’s existing and best-selling technology for rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. Design changes are quick and easy, facilitating a rapid and powerful iterative design process. The single-workstation configuration ensures cost-effective, real-time implementations at each engineer's desk. Controlab's seamless integration with The MathWorks’ products allows you to go beyond simulation and validate controller design with actual hardware in real time. The JRTS architecture ensures your real-time process has the highest CPU priority.

Key Features
  inlining of parameters into auto-generated bytecode>
  loop rolling with user-configurable roll threshold
  full use of real-time memory features of JRTS such as NoHeapRealtimeThread, Asynchronous Event Handler, WaitFreeQueues, and more...while automatically managing all such real-time memory management tasks - no user involvement required!
  generates multitasking (multirate) real-time code, i.e., the model can have multiple sampling rates
  uses fixed-step continuous integration methods
  supports user-defined custom blocks
  … and SIMPLE!
Hardware Requirements
  Reference system: 2x1 Ghz UltraSPARC III processors, 2 GB RAM>
  Recommended Interface: Q8 PCI Real-Time Controls board
Software Requirements
  Solaris 10
  Matlab 2006a with Simulink® and Control Systems Toolbox® (Real-Time Workshop® not required)
  Sun Java™ Real-Time System (JRTS) 1.0
Key Upcoming Release Features
  Full Controlab GUI that enables active data streaming to and from the running JRTS bytecode
  Real-time parameter plotting with a wide variety of data viewing, plotting, and storage options
  Real-Time Garbage collector support (JRTS 2.0)
  Client and Server communication via TCP/IP allows for many robust configurations
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